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Vavoom! News October 2010

Dear Everyone, I have another very exciting toy to announce this month… did you know that your dog could play basketball? No? Well have a look at this… . . Click on the basket or backboard, choose a dog’s name from the menu and watch him take the ball back to the net and take […]

Vavoom! News September 2010

Dear Everyone, I am really excited about this month’s news! Please put your hands together and give a very warm welcome to the Vavoom! Fuzzbee Toy! . Yes, it’s a flying disc toy rather like an internationally famous real life toy that everyone will recognise. Once again I had the immense pleasure of working with […]

Virtual Kennel Club 4th Anniversary

Have you all seen this already? The Virtual Kennel Club is celebrating its Fourth Anniversary this weekend with parties and prize draws in the parks. Congratulations Rico!

Vavoom! News August 2010

Dear Everyone, What’s new this month? Two New Dog Beds Updates to ALL Dog Beds, Dog Houses, Cuddle Rugs, Chaises and the Vavoom! Poser for Dogs. 1. Quilted Dog Bed The Vavoom! Quilted Dog bed is a soft, comfy looking bed that your precious friend can sink down into at the end of the day […]

Bathing your VKC Dog

If you haven’t seen seen or tried this yet, then it’s high time that you did! It’s not a Vavoom! product, this is the amazing LogSpark Dog Bath for VKC Dogs made by Blu,  Sandry and Solcar, my old friends from Turing Isle. The bath has separate bathing animations for each of the dog breeds […]

Vavoom! News July 2010

Dear Everyone, It’s all about houses and beds this month! 1. Magic Mushroom Dog House Here’s something a little different to my usual style. The Vavoom! Magic Mushroom dog house is built with a mixture of sculpted and regular prims and features hand-painted textures exclusively made for this house. It’s shown with a small breed […]

Vavoom! News June 2010

Dear Everyone, I’ve only actually got two things to show you this month, but I think you’ll agree that they’re rather special. 1. Log Cabin Dog Houses Making a log cabin dog house had been on my to-do list for ages. I finally got around to it earlier this week. I started off with a […]

Vavoom! News May 2010

Dear Everyone, What’s new for May 2010? Oooooh where should I start… A new *Magic* Bed A new Active Toy Two new *Magic* Toys Half Price Product-Retirement Sale Updates to Beds and Dog Houses . 1. The new dog bed is “Jack’s Bed”. Designed with the Jack Russell Terrier in mind, Jack’s Bed is a […]

Jack Russell Terriers

Rico released the long awaited VKC ® Jack Russell Terriers today, aren’t they gorgeous? They has a second bellyup pose, bellyup2 so you can teach an itch or scratch trick and he also has down2 and lick1 and lick2 poses that you can build into your tricks.  You can access the new poses with the pose […]

Vavoom! News April 2010

Dear Everyone, The April 2010 Vavoom! Newsletter brings you: New Raised Food and Water Bowls A new *Magic* Toy An Update for Sam’s Dog House Updates to all Vavoom! *Magic* Bowls . 1. The New Raised Food and Water Bowls are only One Prim and have individually Baked Textures. There are four designs with a […]

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