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Vavoom! News January 2010

Vavoom! News January 2010 Dear Everyone, What’s in the Vavoom! News this month? Well…. there are a couple of product updates, two new Weathervanes and New Toys! . 1. Updates are available for the Cuddle Rugs and for the HUD: Rugs are updated to position Widget (The VKC Mutt) and the Polar Bears accurately. Yes, […]

Vavoom! News December 2009

Vavoom! News December 2009 Dear Everyone, I have several things to announce again this month: New Bear Christmas Accessories A plug for my old friends A surprise from the VKC New Accessories . 1. This week sees the launch of the Limited Edition Santa Bear. He is designed to be carried (worn) by you and […]

Vavoom! News November 2009 – Three Things!

Vavoom! News 22nd November 2009 . Dear Everyone, Three items of news this month: Hunt Item Updates to *Active* Toys Lost Toy Remover . 1. Hunt Item I’m taking part in the Snowflake Gridwide Hunt and I’ve made a special Limited Edition Vavoom! Winter Bear for the occasion. He’s adorable and wearable! He lounges comfortably […]

Vavoom! News October 2009 – Celebration!

Dear Everyone, I am celebrating and I want to share it with you all. This is a note that I received recently from Enrico Genosse, the Creator of the VKC Dogs and the Founder of the Virtual Kennel Club: . “Are you looking for something new for your VKC Dogs? Without hesitation I recommend Vavoom! […]

Vavoom! News September 2009 – Bed Updates

Vavoom! News 1st September 2009 Dear All, What happened to the August News then? Did you think I’d given up on you all after that little attempt to subvert my new release? No Way! I’m made of much sterner stuff than that. I had a bit of a laugh over it and a few people […]

Vavoom! Poser for Dogs!

Say What?! Vavoom! Poser for Dogs! It’s like a pose ball, but for dogs! You put it on the ground, or on your bed, or on your chair and your dog can pose on it. It allows you to get some VERY accurate positioning for cuddling or taking photos. You could use it on your […]

Vavoom! News June 2009 – Cuddle Rugs!

I am so excited to announce the Vavoom! Cuddle Your Doggie Rugs! I’ve been wanting to make these for ages! As their name suggests, you get to cuddle up with your doggie for a snooze. The rugs contain an animation by the highly acclaimed Solcar Amat who makes the animations for the VKC Dogs and […]

Vavoom! News May 2009

Vavoom! News May 2nd 2009 . Dear All, First of all, may I say, you people know how to HUNT! During the Vavoom! Easter Egg Hunt 2009 you found no less than 1480 Eggs. This figure comprises: 984 Toys 243 Beds 68 Kennels and 185 Accessory Packs …worth a staggering L$237850. Now that’s what you […]

Vavoom! Easter Egg Hunt 2009 Round Up

Wow! You guys can certainly hunt The hunt ran from Sunday April 5th until morning of Tuesday April 14th 2009. There were 15 different eggs in various locations around Turing Isle. During the Hunt you found no less than 1480 Eggs. This figure comprises: 984 Toys (of which 518 were Promo Only Toys, and 378 […]

Vavoom! Easter Egg Hunt 2009

I have hidden 15 Easter Eggs containing Vavoom! Products at various locations around Turing Isle. Each contains a DIFFERENT Vavoom! Product. Some of the prizes are taken from my regular product range but some are brand new stock that hasn’t been seen before, and isn’t in the store yet. Better still, a few of the […]

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