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Celine and Sunny

Celine Gazov and Sunny playing basketball at Celine’s Horse (and Bunny) Ranch. She has a fabulous selection of breedable horses and bunnies, plus all sorts of accessories for your farm or ranch. Teleport to G&C Ranch.

Bathing your VKC Dog

If you haven’t seen seen or tried this yet, then it’s high time that you did! It’s not a Vavoom! product, this is the amazing LogSpark Dog Bath for VKC Dogs made by Blu,  Sandry and Solcar, my old friends from Turing Isle. The bath has separate bathing animations for each of the dog breeds […]

Douglas Wants To Play!

These two photos were sent to me by Qwerty Qork who is partnered with my old friend Peg Nightfire.  Qwerty said: “Peg and I both use your toys for the dogs. it keeps them happy and active, this pic is Douglas as I was TRYING to rest.“ She went on to tell me that she […]

Portuguese Water Dog Videos

I just noticed that Blu and Sandry from the Virtual Kennel Club Dog Park at Turing Isle have published two new videos of the Portuguese Water Dog. .

Cleo, EmmaLee and Nola

Nola Gumbo, Cleo, EmmaLee Streeter trying out the Poser for Dogs at the Vavoom! Store

Pisa, Butch and Babe

Here’s another photo that’s been waiting in the wings for me to post it. This is Pisa Fredriksson with Butch and Babe, snoozing on their Vavoom! Chaise.

Kellie and Koda

I was digging around in my snapshots looking at the photos of people and their dogs with their Vavoom! stuff and I found these. These are photos of Kellie McMinnar and her VKC German Shepherd Koda. They were taken a few months back with the bowls that I made for St. Patrick’s Day. Koda, if […]

Trailer Park

Betina Hatfield fell in love with the Vavoom! Trailer Dog House, took it home and built a trailer park for her dogs! Goodness only knows what the other residents on her islands must think?! Please send me your photos of your dogs with their Vavoom! toys, houses and accessories and I will post them here […]

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