Vavoom! News January 2013


* New Bed
* New House
* Cat Tree!

It’s no news to anyone that the VKC now has both Cats and Puppies, right?
Good. I thought not.
So here are some new products to go with the new pets.
All of these are suitable for your dogs, cats and puppies alike.
Suitcase Pet Bed
What pet could resist an old fashioned suitcase with a comfy blanket inside? The Suitcase Pet bed’s lid has long been discarded and now it stands upon four little legs to make an ideal pet bed raised just high enough off the ground to appeal to your cats, but low enough for your puppies to jump up into it too.


You can change the colours on the blanket, the case, the handle and the legs independently of one other giving you a wide range of options to personalise your pet bed.

Other features include:
* Owner-only mode.
* Switch between single or multi-pet mode.
* Variable poses when the pet goes to bed.
* Scripted resizer.

Cardboard Box Pet House
I’ve always been amused by how readily a cat will jump into a cardboard box to hideaway, or play or go to sleep. So here’s a box for your VKC Cats or other pets.

There are two versions: Clean and Grungy.

vavoom_cardboard_box_pet-house-advert vavoom_grungy_cardboard_box_pet-house-advert

Features include:
* Texture changing blanket.
* Owner-only mode.
* Switch between single or multi-pet mode.
* Variable poses when the pet goes to bed.
* Scripted resizer.

Cat Tree
This is my favourite of the new releases.

Vavoom Cat Tree Red Advert

There are five separate beds in the tree. Click on the one you want your pet to go to and then choose his/her name from the menu.

It’s available in three different colours: Red, Blue and Purple

You can choose which pose your pet adopts when he gets into the tree and it’s compatible with all your VKC Pets.



Lost Products

Don’t forget that anything you buy at the Vavoom! Store can be reclaimed for free if you lose it. If you need to reclaim something, you do it at the Update Stations.

SLURL: Vavoom! Update Stations

Did I say that it’s free?


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Thanks as always for shopping at Vavoom!

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