Vavoom! News February 2014



* NEW PRODUCT – Rabbit Hutch

* Updates and Re-Release of

  • Kong
  • Spiral Kong
  • Mini Tire


NEW PRODUCT – Rabbit Hutch

Here’s a house for your rabbits! But it will also work with your other VKC Pets, in fact I had a bit of a job to keep my Birch Puppy out of it!
vavoom rabbit hutch Info PIC
To send your rabbit into the hutch, click on the bedding at the point where you want him to go. Choose his name from the list in the pop up menu. If you have more than one rabbit, click on the bedding again and choose the next rabbit’s name.

When the pets get into the Hutch, they are set to passive so that they stay in until you wake them up again. If you click on the bedding when there are pets inside the hutch, there is a Wake Up option on the menu. Choosing this option will make the pet jump out of the hutch and come over to you and set him back into active mode.

* The main part of the Hutch is Mesh which helps keep the prim count/Land Impact low.
* The two doors open independently of one another.
* You can change the texture of the hutch using the built in texture changer, there are nine different colours.
* You can also change the  texture of the bedding between hay, straw and wood shavings.
– To get to the texture changers click on the bedding and choose Options and then Colours.

SLURL: Vavoom! Main Store


Updates and Re-Releases

This month sees the rerelease of some of the old favourite toys.

If you have any of these from long ago, you can now update them to VKC Toy System 2 versions either at the new vendors, or at the update stations on the deck at my main store.

SLURL: Vavoom! Main Store

SLURL: Vavoom! Update Stations


Lost Products

Don’t forget that anything you buy at the Vavoom! Store can be reclaimed for free if you lose it. If you need to reclaim something, you do it at the Update Stations.

SLURL: Vavoom! Update Stations

Did I say that it’s free?


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Thanks as always for shopping at Vavoom!


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