VKC Mutt Contest

This is the Notice that Enrico just sent to the VKC:

VKC Mutt Contest

(For a more complete story, please visit http://bit.ly/1wsNd6)

Do you have a favorite mixed-breed dog?  Would you like to see him in Second Life?

With some 13 pure-bred dogs already in the VKC Kennel, I decided to do something different for my next dog.  This time I will make a mixed-breed dog, a “mutt”, and I want your help picking him out.

I’m accepting nominations for the your favorite mutt until November 8th.  Then I will select the best nominations and set up signs with pictures of the candidate mutts in several VKC Dog Parks.  Anyone in SL can come and vote on their favorite mutt until Saturday, November 21st when I will announce the winning dog who got the most votes!

After I make the mutt, he will sell for a special low price (not being a pure-bred after all), and 25% of the price will go to dog-related charities of your choosing.

If you’d like a chance to see your favorite mutt in SL, send me pictures!  I need at least 5, minimum size of 1024×768.  Take them at the same time so the lighting conditions are the same, preferably outdoors.  Take these pictures:

1. close-up of your dog’s face looking directly at the camera.
2. the front of your dog from head to toe.
3. profile, from the side with your dog looking straight ahead, full body.
4. from above.
5. from behind.

I’d love to include your dog’s sounds too, so if you can, record your dog barking, sniffing, growling or whatever other sounds you want.  Send them along with the images.

You can send them to me in two ways:

By email:

  • attach all the files to your email message
  • put the name of your dog as the subject
  • send the email to mutt.contest @[remove this]virtualkennelclub.com.

if necessary, you can send on image per email, just use the same subject.

In world:

  • upload the images (and sounds if you have them)
  • build a box and put them in the box
  • make sure the box and each item have full permissions (copy, mod, trans)
  • name the box the name of your dog
  • transfer the box to the VKC bot-avatar, VKCService Runner.

(By sending images and sounds to me, you give me permission to use them and copy them for the purposes of promotion and making virtual dogs.)

So if you’d like to see your favorite mixed-breed dog walking with you in Second Life, send me those pictures!


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