Jack Russell Terriers

Rico released the long awaited VKC ® Jack Russell Terriers today, aren’t they gorgeous?

VKC_jack_russell_terrier_sittingThey has a second bellyup pose, bellyup2 so you can teach an itch or scratch trick and he also has down2 and lick1 and lick2 poses that you can build into your tricks.  You can access the new poses with the pose command, for example:

jack pose down2

This the first dog that Enrico has brought us as the result of a VKC™ Favorite Breed Poll and voting in the poll has its rewards, two dozen voters received their Jack Russells for free. So make sure you vote next time. It doesn’t matter whether or not you vote for the winner, just vote!

Come and see them today at your favourite VKC™ Dog Park. Watch the Vavoom! News for new accessories next week.

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