Polar Bears, Penguins and Project Fur – Vavoom! News April 2011

Polar Bears, Penguins and Project Fur Just in case you haven’t heard already, the VKC Polar Bear and the VKC Penguin are back! For a limited period you can get your own copy of these wonderful creations at a knock-down price AND contribute to the fabulous Project FUR Japan fund raiser at the same time. 100% of the proceeds of each sale of a Polar Bear or Penguin will be donated to the JEARS charity which is dedicated to helping the animals affected by the Japanese crisis.

But it’s not just the Bear and the Penguin. Enrico announced yesterday that he will donate all the proceeds of his dog sales (any breed from any park) for the next week to Project FUR Japan. So if you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, a new dog or if you know someone that’s even remotely interested in having a VKC Dog, now would be a fantastic time to make that purchase!


Are you wondering where Vavoom! fits into all this? It’s all well and good me crowing about how generous Enrico is, right? But am I going to put my money where my mouth is too?

I am, in two ways:

1. There are two Special Edition Vavoom! accessories on sale at the VKC stand on the Project FUR sim: a Project Fur Fuzzbee toy and a Project Fur Donut bed. The proceeds of both of these are donated to Project FUR in their entirety. You can send the Fuzzbee or the Donut Bed as a gift to a friend or loved one by clicking on the vendor and choosing “Send Gift” from the menu. . .

2. I too am going to pledge a week’s worth of Vavoom! Sales to the cause. Everything that I sell in any of my stores from midnight SLT last night (3 April 2011) to midnight on Sunday 10 April 2011 will go directly to Project FUR. If you’ve been thinking about getting a Sock Monkey or a Fuzzbee, a Basketball game or a new bed, do it this week and help the animals caught in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

You can read more about the VKC’s contribution, about Project FUR Japan itself and about the JEARS charity on their respective web sites:




This is the SLURL to the Project FUR Sim in SL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Plumhill/132/135/29

and this, of course, is the SLURL  to the Vavoom! Main Store.

Please… dig deep and give generously to this appeal. Every little helps and between us we can make a difference.

Lost or Broken Products

Don’t forget that anything you buy at the Vavoom! Store can be reclaimed for free if you lose it or break it. If you need to reclaim something, you do it at the Update Stations.

SLURL: Vavoom! Update Stations

Did I say that it’s free?


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