I heard that your toys can…

Question: I heard that the *Active Toys* can hurt the dogs. Is this true?

Answer: There is a rumour doing the rounds that the *Active Toys* can be “bad for the dogs”. I would like to state for the record that this is categorically untrue.

The word “Active” is used in the name of these toys because the toy is active. It never stops work, looking for dogs and playing with them.

  • It does not tell the dog to be active or passive, it just tells the dog to play (a lot).
  • It does not really “override” all the other commands, it just keeps telling the dog to do things.
  • It does not affect the dogs’ training.
  • It cannot teach them new tricks and it cannot erase their existing tricks.

The entire Vavoom! Product Range has been approved by Enrico Genosse ( the dog’s creator) and none of the toys or accessories will harm your dog. You can rad Enrico’s endorsement on this page.

So, if you are trying to keep your dog’s attention whilst engaged in training or some other activity and the *Active Toy* is distracting him/her, delete the toy. The *Active Toys* will play with the dogs for as long as they can find a dog to play with, if you want the dog to do something eIse, delete the toy. It is copiable, you can soon rez another when it’s playtime again.

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