*Squeaky Magic Toys*

Vavoom! *Squeaky Magic Toys* are *Magic Toys* with added squeak! You play with them in exactly the same way: rez the toy, touch or drag it, when the menu comes up choose a dog name and the dog then fetches the toy for you.  But, when the dog is holding the toy and when the dog drops the toy… it squeaks!

A fun thing to do with the *Squeaky Magic Toys* is to tell your dog to take the toy and set him to active. For example:

joey take dice active

Joey will then carry the toy around, greeting people, dogs and things that he encounters, all the while squeaking the toy as he goes.


Please Note: You can also play with these toys in the “traditional” way by saying something like:

joey go teddy take teddy come drop teddy

…just because they have the Vavoom! *Magic* toy script, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play with them the old way.

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