Copy and Paste

Q. How do I Copy and Paste in SL? When I right-click on a word or words there is no option to Copy and I want to Copy and Paste some commands from an example in your notes.

A. Good question!! VKC Dogs are sticklers for good typing, so if I or someone else gives you instructions for a trick in a Notecard or on the Web Site, the most accurate way to tell them to your dog is to Copy them and Paste them into chat.

Copy and Paste is done with Shortcut Keys:

  1. Press CTRL+H to see the Chat History .
  2. Highlight the Text you want to Copy with the mouse.
  3. Press CTRL+C to Copy it.
  4. Put the cursor into the Chat Bar.
  5. Press CTRL+V to Paste the text.

Best of all, this isn’t just for SL, you can use it in almost any application you care to name ;c)

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