Playing with Toys

Q. I have a toy from a different creator. When I touch it, it doesn’t do anything, how can I use it?

A. As you know, my Dog Toys are designed to work with the Dogs from the Virtual Kennel Club (VKC) by Enrico Genosse and they have their own custom code written me me to interact with the dogs.

Here are a couple of examples of how to get your dog to play with other toys. These examples assume that you have a dog named Charlie and that you have toy called blueball.

Let’s get Charlie to fetch the blueball and bring it to you. To do this, you would type:

charlie go blueball take blueball come drop blueball

Too much typing? No kidding, that’s one of the reasons why I made the magic toys in the first place. But all is not lost, with a little effort we could get Charlie to learn a custom trick that will get him to fetch the toy  without so much typing from you. The trick will be called ‘fetchball’ – you teach it to Charlie like this:

charlie learn fetchball go blueball take blueball come drop blueball

From now on you can simply say:

charlie fetchball

and he will go to the toy, pick it up, bring it to you and drop it.


Here’s another really cool thing you can do which is to make a trick with a wildcard so that you can use it with any toy.  In the following command you teach a trick called get that works with any toy that you have.

charlie learn get go _ noseit pose sniff wait .5 take _ go speaker wag drop _ sit

So if you have a toy called teddy you can say

charlie get teddy

and he will go and get it and bring it back.

If you have another toy called bone you can say:

charlie get bone 

and he will go and get the bone.


Finally, if you are feeling brave, there is an advanced version that you could do. You can override the standard fetch instinct like this:

charlie override fetch go _ noseit pose sniff wait .5 take _ go speaker wag drop _ sit

So from here on you would say

charlie fetch teddy


charlie fetch bone 

or whatever you wanted him to bring to you.

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