*Magic Canned Drink Toys*

Vavoom! *Magic Canned Drink Toys* are a fun and funny part of the product range. There is a can (beer, ale, lager, etc.) named after each of the Virtual Kennel Club’s Dog Breeds.

There are also two soft drink cans,  Sploge Soda and Peachy Pop, plus WooF Beer and VKC Beer.

  • When you rez a can, it asks for permission to attach and animate your avatar, answer Yes to this!
  • Click on the can and drag on it around a little, and let go.
  • When the menu comes up, choose a dog name.
  • The dog will go to get the can and bring it to you.
  • When he gets to you, he throws you the can… you catch it and start to drink!

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