Dog Beds

Click on a Vavoom! dog bed and a list of names of nearby dogs appears. Choose a name and watch as the dog goes to the bed, climbs onto it, sniffs and wags his tail before turning around and lying down to go to sleep.

The dog bed sets your dog to passive mode meaning that he will stay in there until you tell him to come out. There is a Wake Up option in the house’s menu that tells your dog to get up and come and greet you and puts him back into active mode.

Many of the dog beds have themes built in, so that you can change their appearance at the touch of a button.

Multi-dog beds, as their name suggests, allow more than one dog to share the bed. They also have a unique feature to “save” the bed. This means that once you have sent all the dogs to bed, it can remember where they were laying and call them back to the same place next time. There is even an All Dogs option that calls each dog that the bed has saved, one by one. Best of all, you can take the multi-dog dog to inventory and rez it somewhere else, even another sim at a different altitude and it will still call the dogs to the correct places. Try it out for yourself at the Vavoom! Store.

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