Sculpted Accessories Look Odd

Question. Some of your Sculpted Accessories look odd from a few metres away. They only show their full detail when I get up close. Why is this?

Answer. Second Life decides how much detail of a sculpted prim to show you based on how close you are to it. You also see these Level Of Detail Rules (LoD) at play with things like Linden Trees. There is an option that you can change in the Debug Settings called “rendervolumeLODFactor” that you can change to help get better detail at greater distances.

  1. Enable the Advanced Menu (CTRL+ALT+D on PC or Opt-Ctrl-D on a Mac) – You will see a new menu option called Advanced next to Help.
  2. Click on Advanced and choose Debug Settings (near the bottom)
  3. Scroll way, way down in the list until you find, rendervolumeLODFactor (you can type or paste that into the text box in the Debug Settings window to find it more quickly).
  4. Set it to 4.0 or thereabouts (some people prefer higher maybe even 8.0, but 4.0 works well for me).
  5. Close the Debug Settings window.
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