Poser for Dogs F.A.Q

Poser for Dogs F.A.Q

Q. If I move the Poser, why doesn’t the dog move too?
A. The dog isn’t attached to the Poser in the same way that an avatar attaches to a pose ball (which is why I haven’t called it a pose ball as such). The Poser’s job is to position the dog precisely, so it may take a couple of attempts to get it into just the right place. The Poser is, of course, copiable, so once you have it right, you can leave it in place. Set up as many as you like for your favourite spots.

Q. I didn’t like having the Poser invisible so I changed the texture to match my furniture. I have changed all the avatar pose balls around and I need to adjust the Poser but I can’t see which way the dog will face. What can I do?
A. Touch the Poser. Choose Setup and then Original from the menu. The Poser will now show its original red and blue texture so that you can position and rotate it easily again.

Q. I’ve got my Posers set up on my furniture and I’d like to link them to the furniture. Is this possible.
A. I can see no reason why you can’t, provided of course that the furniture is modifiable. I would approach this with a little bit of caution though and make sure that the Vavoom! Poser for Dogs is not the root prim (just in case your furniture has its own scripts that expect a certain part to be the root prim).

Q. How do I make sure that the Vavoom! Poser for Dogs is not the root prim when I link it to my bed/sofa/deck/chair?
A. Select the Poser first with the Edit tool. Hold down the Shift Key on your keyboard and then click on the Object that you are linking to. Go to the Tools menu and choose Link. The root prim is always the last piece selected before linking. Selecting the Poser first will ensure that whichever prim was the root prim before you added the Poser is still the root prim afterwards.

Q. My other pose balls, for instance those on my bed, have a command to show and hide them. Can you put that in your Poser for Dogs?
A. I try to avoid things that have permanent listeners. Some things, like the dogs, obviously need them, but I am not convinced that a poseball, or the Poser is one of those things.

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