Many people only read the FAQ as a last resort, but sometimes you know,  when all else has failed and defeat is staring you in the face… it may just be worth a look.

Of course, if the answer isn’t here then please call me up and ask me. I don’t know what you’ve heard about me, but I’m not really a monster, honest! If you get in touch I will do my best to offer a fast, accurate and friendly answer to your query.

Q. How best to contact you?

A. There are three good methods:

  • You can send me an IM in-world (If I’m not online they go to my email and often I can reply directly from there).
  • You could drop me a Notecard. (Reliable but slow, because I have to be able to get in-world to read them).
  • Send a message via the Contact Form on this site. (This also comes to my email. But, if you use this method, please be sure to include your SL name!.)
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