“Are you looking for something new for your VKC Dogs? Without hesitation I recommend Vavoom! Chiva Vavoom has a line of the most fun and satisfying VKC Dog Accessories you’ll find in SL.

Chiva writes very sophisticated scripts that interact automatically and intelligently with my dogs in ways I never imagined, and the quality of her products is unsurpassed. My two favorites are the Active Toys (you can watch the dogs play together) and her Multi-Dog Beds where the dogs snuggle up together.

What sets Vavoom! products apart are how natural and realistic the dogs act with them. Vavoom! products and services provide a complete and professional compliment to my Virtual Kennel Club Dogs. You won’t see anything like them!”

~Enrico Genosse

Creator of the VKC Dogs


“I just wanna say that I bought your “Polar Cuddle Your Doggie Rug”, and I’m just laying with my dog on it and… it’s THE CUTIEST thing I have ever seen! ;DD From now on I will be logging to SL to just lay there ;)”

MA, July 2009.


“I just wanted to ty…I baught the poser for my dogs…and i absolutley love it..Best 200L i have spent..the  ease of use was wonderful as well nice to buy something and its easily explained how to use. thanks so much”

FS, July 2009.


“I love your products… they really make my dog seem to come alive! Thank you.

SB, August 2010.


“This is the best toy ever!! Coco and Tate love it!! and I do too! We played all night lol! As a VKC dog owner its soooo great to have more interactive toys and this one really gives the feel of playing with my dogs. I couldnt be more pleased!”

RW, September 2010. (Talking about the Fuzzbee Toy)

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