Lost Toy Remover

Does your dog have a habit of wandering off with a toy and later wandering back  without it? Over the years I’ve heard various reports of toys stuck in walls, lost in undergrowth, sunken in the mud in the bottom of the fish pond or laying on the sea bed.  This is useful little accessory that will help you tidy up Vavoom! Dog Toys that your beloved pet has lost.

Wear it on your screen or just rez it. Click it once and it sends a message to all the Vavoom! Toys in the region that you’re in and they disappear.

Free up prims at your home or clear up quickly and easily after you’ve been to a friend’s place or to the Dog Park.


Please Note

The Vavoom! Lost Toy Remover works with Vavoom! Toys purchased (or updated) on or after 22nd November 2009. It won’t work with older versions or with other creators’ toys. So come to the Main Store, update your existing toys and collect a Lost Toy Remover at the same time. Vavoom! Main Store.

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