How do I use the old Beds?

Q. I have an old Vavoom Bed. How can I use it?

A. If you have one of the old style Vavoom! Beds, without the *Magic Bed* script, call me! You can return the bed to me and I will upgrade it to a Magic Bed free of charge.


If however, you really want to use the one of the original Vavoom! Beds (the ones that I made before the Magic Beds) here’s how it is done. This can also be used for a bed that you made yourself or an unscripted bed from another designer.

You’ll to teach the dog a trickand you’ll need to use a “mark” in the trick. A mark is like an SL Landmark (LM) but for dogs. These suggestions are only for the old style Vavoom! beds, if you have one of the new magic beds, you don’t need to do any of this, they work better from the bed’s own scripts.

Let’s assume that your dog is called Janie and when she goes to bed you would like her to wag her tail and lay down.

  • Put your dog bed where you want it to go. It is important to get this right now, before you start.
  • It’s easiest if the dog is in passive mode before you start with this, so say:
        janie passive
  • Put Janie onto the bed. Use the edit tools for this and get her in the centre of the bed. Close the edit window when you have her positioned correctly.
  • Now let’s set the mark, say:
        janie mark bed
  • Now that she knows where the bed is, we can  teach her to go to the bed and go to sleep.
  • Say this:
        janie learn sleep on bed wag wait 0.5 down
  • When you want Janie to go to bed in future you can simply say:

        janie sleep

…and she will go to the bed, get onto it and lay down.

There are, of course, variations to this method, you can add a sniff command or a sit as well as wag and down. Or if Janie seems to take forever to walk to the bed try telling her to “go bed” before “on bed”  (yes, you need both go and on, because go on its own is probably not accurate enough for getting her right onto the bed.


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