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Are you still in SL?

Yes, Yes! I am still in both Second Life and InWorldz. I am still answering questions and doing customer service when required. I make new things when I can, but I have precious little time to do much actual creating at the moment. I fully intend to bring out new things as soon as I […]

Vavoom! News February 2014

IN THIS ISSUE   * NEW PRODUCT – Rabbit Hutch * Updates and Re-Release of Kong Spiral Kong Mini Tire  

Vavoom! News February 2013

Three New Beds 1. Pampered Pet Bed What better Valentine’s Day Present could there be for your little furry companions than this?  A luxurious bed that looks just like yours, but this one is theirs! A soft, comfy, quilted pet bedspread, with pillows and a wrought iron headboard and footboard just for the pets. The […]

Halloween Hyenas

They’re back for a very limited period and this time there is a neat VKC ® Halloween Hyena twist: when you purchase your Hyena from one of the clinics, you stand a 1 in 13 chance of getting a special Albino Hyena. Meet Curtis, the latest addition to the Vavoom! Family. If you want one of […]

Vavoom! News August 2010

Dear Everyone, What’s new this month? Two New Dog Beds Updates to ALL Dog Beds, Dog Houses, Cuddle Rugs, Chaises and the Vavoom! Poser for Dogs. 1. Quilted Dog Bed The Vavoom! Quilted Dog bed is a soft, comfy looking bed that your precious friend can sink down into at the end of the day […]

Vavoom! News April 2010

Dear Everyone, The April 2010 Vavoom! Newsletter brings you: New Raised Food and Water Bowls A new *Magic* Toy An Update for Sam’s Dog House Updates to all Vavoom! *Magic* Bowls . 1. The New Raised Food and Water Bowls are only One Prim and have individually Baked Textures. There are four designs with a […]

Vavoom! News March 2010

Vavoom! News March 2010 Dear Everyone, .The big news this month is:         You CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER! We have five new fast-food toys (Fat Pack Available), a new dog house and an update to the Vavoom! Lost Toy Remover. . 1. Sam’s Dog House This has the the regular features that you’d expect from a Vavoom! […]

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