Hello and Welcome to ChivaVavoom.com

Vavoom! aims to offer the premier accessories available for the Virtual Kennel Club (VKC®) Dogs in the Second Life® virtual world. I don’t make the dogs myself, just the accessories. The dogs are made by my friend Enrico Genosse who is the owner and creator of the Virtual Kennel Club and he has his own web site.

I have been making accessories for the VKC Dogs since January 2007. I’m the oldest remaining VKC accessory creator. Everything I make has been made by me (no misappropriated ancient SL freebies at the Vavoom! Stores) and all of my scripts are written, expressly for the Vavoom! Accessories, by me.

The scripts are one of the things that make the Vavoom! Accessories stand out from the pack and have done since soon after I started. Popular examples include the Bed and House series that position your dog exactly where he should be and allow your dogs to sleep on the same bed. It’s not just beds of course, the Toy series has been immensely popular and the *Active* Toys are pretty much legendary.

The other huge Vavoom! advantage is the Updates System. Whatever you buy from a Vavoom! Store, the updates are free for life. Whenever I add an improvement to a Vavoom! Product or whenever I fix a bug, I send out an Update Annoucement so you can collect updated versions of your products from the Main Store. If you ever lose one of your Vavoom! Accessories, you can also use the Vendors or the Updaters to reclaim your lost things.