Updates and Redelivery

From time to time I release updates to the Vavoom! products. It might be a bug fix for something in my code, or it might be because something in the VKC®Dogs has changed, or perhaps something in SL has changed. When this happens I send out an update announcement, usually as part of the monthly news service to notify the owners of Vavoom! products.

Maybe you lost , or inadvertently deleted, one of your Vavoom! Accessories, in which case you can get your products redlievered in the same way as getting an update.

Updates are free and you collect them from the vendor where you purchased the product. If it’s one of the large vendors that displays multiple products, make sure that the product you wish to update/reclaim is showing in the main display. Then click the vendor and choose “Redelivery”.

If you cannot find the vendor you want, or if you have an older product that may have been discontinues, try using the Update Stations aty the side of my Main Store.  To collect an update, or have a product redelivered from the Update Stations, click on the updaters for each of the various product types that you own: Beds, Houses, Toys, Bowls, etc and the Vavoom! Database will look up which products of each type you own and deliver them to you in a folder.