Will you make me a …?

Q. Will You make me a <insert toy name here> ?

A. I won’t promise to, but if you send me an message via the Contact Form or send me an IM, I’ll think about it and let you know if I think that it is viable.

2 Responses to Will you make me a …?

  1. i was wondering if it possible to make a tip jar that the VKC polar bears can hold in their mouth. i am helping witth a christmas event in SL for JDRF http://www.jdrf.org.uk/
    and it would be wonderful if we could have the polar bears running around with a tip jar in their mouths so people could donate to the cause.

  2. Hello Camilla,

    I talked to Enrico about this and we decided that we didn’t think there was an easy way to do this because in the modern bears the toy that they carry is actually part of the bear model. So the bear himself would be the tip jar, but you couldn’t add a script to him to handle the payments, because he’s not modifiable.

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