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Vavoom! News January 2014

IN THIS ISSUE New Pet Bed Updates for Fuzzbee Ropeball Balloon Bursting Game New House New Bed I got the idea for this when Enrico was working on the VKC Dingo last summer. Someone found a wonderful photo of a sleepy Dingo by Charlie Renwick on the Deviant Art web site. It sleeps one VKC […]

Vavoom! News January 2013

IN THIS ISSUE * New Bed * New House * Cat Tree! It’s no news to anyone that the VKC now has both Cats and Puppies, right? Good. I thought not. So here are some new products to go with the new pets. All of these are suitable for your dogs, cats and puppies alike. […]

Vavoom! News October 2012

IN THIS ISSUE Halloween Dog Bed Two New Dog Toys ALL THREE NEW ITEMS ARE HALF PRICE until MIDNIGHT SLT SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER 2012 . . Halloween Dog Bed The Halloween Dog Bed is texture changing with a choice of 12 different bed textures. It is compatible with all your VKC Dogs both new and […]

Vavoom! News September 2012

In this issue: * New Dog House * Reduced Prices on Dog Houses AND * Updates to: bowls beds houses (The bowl, bed and house updates are to make them work better with the Pathfinding Dogs.) . New Dog House The new house is a simply named “Wooden Dog House” but it has all the […]

Vavoom! News May 2012

Teddy Toys Updated and Half-Price Offer. I’ve just upgraded all the old Teddy Toys to Toy System 2. They’re now just one prim and work properly with all the newer VKC Dogs. If you have one of my old Teddy Dog Toys, you can get it updated for free at the Update Stations at my […]

Vavoom! News November 2011

HALF PRICE FUZZBEE and ROPEBALL OFFER That’s right Half Price on the two throwing toys, the Fuzzbee and the Ropeball until midnight SLT on Sunday 6th November 2011. If you’re not sure what these toys are, have a look at the videos. (The videos are only short, about three minutes altogether.) The Fuzzbee and the […]

Vavoom! News October 2011

THE SOCK MONKEY GETS A MAKE OVER! The Sock Monkey is the most popular Vavoom! Toy and I am very pleased to announce that it’s had a total makeover to reduce prims and new code make it compatible with the new VKC Toy System. That’s right! The Sock Monkey is now ONLY ONE PRIM AND […]

VKC Golden Retriever

Vavoom! News September 2011 VKC Golden Retriever   The VKC Golden Retriever is released today (Saturday 24 September 2011) at 12:00 Noon SLT in the following VKC Dog Parks: Turing Isle Canis Beach Gold Rush Endeavour Cove Raglan Commons   New Vavoom! Toys Compatible with ALL your VKC Dogs       Lost Products Don’t […]


Vavoom! News August 2011 NEW DOGS! Unless you’ve been living under a massive pile of breedable animal food, you’ll know that the long awaited VKC Huskies are in the Dog Parks. There are two different Huskies a Black and White one and a Copper one. They are SERIOUSLY adorable and loaded with new features. You […]

Vavoom! News May 2011

Introducing the Vavoom! Balloon Bursting Game Colourful, noisy, addictive fun for all your VKC dogs! The game rezzes a small field of multi coloured balloons. Your dog rushes in and bursts them as fast as he can. Each time he bursts a balloon it is accompanied by a loud popping noise and a flurry of […]

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