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VKC Golden Retriever

Vavoom! News September 2011 VKC Golden Retriever   The VKC Golden Retriever is released today (Saturday 24 September 2011) at 12:00 Noon SLT in the following VKC Dog Parks: Turing Isle Canis Beach Gold Rush Endeavour Cove Raglan Commons   New Vavoom! Toys Compatible with ALL your VKC Dogs       Lost Products Don’t […]


Vavoom! News August 2011 NEW DOGS! Unless you’ve been living under a massive pile of breedable animal food, you’ll know that the long awaited VKC Huskies are in the Dog Parks. There are two different Huskies a Black and White one and a Copper one. They are SERIOUSLY adorable and loaded with new features. You […]

Project FUR Japan Pledge

With your help Vavoom! donated L$28,000 to Project FUR Japan. Many thanks to all my customers for their purchases and contributions. The final total raised by the appeal was well over 7 million Linden Dollars which is about $26,500 US Dollars or £16,000. You can read the final post here: Well done Blazin and team, […]

Polar Bears, Penguins and Project Fur – Vavoom! News April 2011

Polar Bears, Penguins and Project Fur Just in case you haven’t heard already, the VKC Polar Bear and the VKC Penguin are back! For a limited period you can get your own copy of these wonderful creations at a knock-down price AND contribute to the fabulous Project FUR Japan fund raiser at the same time. 100% […]

Virtual Kennel Club 4th Anniversary

Have you all seen this already? The Virtual Kennel Club is celebrating its Fourth Anniversary this weekend with parties and prize draws in the parks. Congratulations Rico!

Bathing your VKC Dog

If you haven’t seen seen or tried this yet, then it’s high time that you did! It’s not a Vavoom! product, this is the amazing LogSpark Dog Bath for VKC Dogs made by Blu,  Sandry and Solcar, my old friends from Turing Isle. The bath has separate bathing animations for each of the dog breeds […]

Jack Russell Terriers

Rico released the long awaited VKC ® Jack Russell Terriers today, aren’t they gorgeous? They has a second bellyup pose, bellyup2 so you can teach an itch or scratch trick and he also has down2 and lick1 and lick2 poses that you can build into your tricks.  You can access the new poses with the pose […]

Polar Bears!

Rico has made a Limited Edition Virtual Kennel Club Polar Bear They’re available now for purchase in the Dog Parks.

Portuguese Water Dog Videos

I just noticed that Blu and Sandry from the Virtual Kennel Club Dog Park at Turing Isle have published two new videos of the Portuguese Water Dog. .

VKC Mutt Contest

This is the Notice that Enrico just sent to the VKC: VKC Mutt Contest (For a more complete story, please visit Do you have a favorite mixed-breed dog?  Would you like to see him in Second Life? With some 13 pure-bred dogs already in the VKC Kennel, I decided to do something different for […]

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